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Name:Daily Icons
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Community description:A Daily Icon Prompt community

What Is [community profile] dailyicons About?

Like [ profile] dailyicons this community will give daily prompts you can make icons for. In order to participate you should sign up for one of the different table sizes! Additionally, you can sign up for up to 3 unique table/theme claims.

What does a unique table/theme mean?
• You can sign up for the same claim with different table sizes. E.g. 25 Doctor Who (general) and 50 Doctor Who (general).
• You can sign up for the same table size with different claims several times. E.g. 25 Doctor Who (general) and 25 Doctor Who (The Doctor).

What kind of themes can be claimed?
Anything goes really! You can claim as broad or narrow a theme as you want. This can be fandom related (any fandom, any genre goes!), celebs, nature, stock, sports or anything you want to really. You can also go wide open by using a general claim without any specifications.

What's the difference between the table sizes?
Aside from the obvious (that you have to make a different amount of icons), the time you have to complete a table is different. For 10 icons you have 1 month to finish while you have an entire year to finish 100 icons.

You can narrow it down to specific characters/people, pairings or episodes or go as wide as claiming a group of things. Anything in between works as well.
E.g. Emma Watson, young!Amy Pond, Sherlock (BBC) Episode 1x01 A Study in Pink, Superhero movies, TV Dramas, Male Celebs, Stock, Text, etc.

The available sizes are (including time given):
10 icons - 1 month
25 icons - 3 months
50 icons - 6 months
100 icons - 1 year

Further Questions?
For further rules & the faq check here

Where Can I Sign Up?

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