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What is this community about?

There will be daily prompts for which you have 2 days to submit an icon after signing up. The main goal is to finish 100 icons in a year, so you don't have to respond to every single prompt posted.

You have the choice between signing up for a general theme (everything goes) or a more specific topic if you want to challenge yourself a bit more.


• Icons should be new.

• Icons should be suitable for use on Dreamwidth (.GIF, .JPG, or .PNG; no larger than 100x100 pixels; file size up to 40kb. FAQ Link)

• Prompts will be available for two days, meaning there are always two prompts available.
(e.g. Prompt 3 gets posted, Prompt 2 is still open while Prompt 1 gets closed)

Sign Ups

• You can sign up for a "general" theme were you're not limited by anything or something more specific (e.g. Doctor Who, Hermione Granger, Nature, Hugh Laurie, Fantasy movies, Animals, etc.)

• You can sign up for the following table sizes:
  • 10 icons in 1 month
  • 25 icons in 3 month
  • 50 icons in 6 month
  • 100 icons in 1 year

• You may sign up for up to 3 different table sizes / claims at a time
(e.g. 10 general icons and 10 Doctor Who icons or 10 general icons and 100 general icons)

sign up here


What does a unique table/theme mean?
• You can sign up for the same claim with different table sizes. E.g. 25 Doctor Who (general) and 50 Doctor Who (general).
• You can sign up for the same table size with different claims several times. E.g. 25 Doctor Who (general) and 25 Doctor Who (The Doctor).

What kind of themes can be claimed?
Anything goes really! You can claim as broad or narrow a theme as you want. This can be fandom related (any fandom, any genre goes!), celebs, nature, stock, sports or anything you want to really. You can also go wide open by using a general claim without any specifications.

What's the difference between the table sizes?
Aside from the obvious (that you have to make a different amount of icons), the time you have to complete a table is different. For 10 icons you have 1 month to finish while you have an entire year to finish 100 icons.

You can narrow it down to specific characters/people, pairings or episodes or go as wide as claiming a group of things. Anything in between works as well.
E.g. Emma Watson, young!Amy Pond, Sherlock (BBC) Episode 1x01 A Study in Pink, Superhero movies, TV Dramas, Male Celebs, Stock, Text, etc.


Daily Icons

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