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I know it's been a while since I last posted a prompt (and even longer since someone actually commented with an icon), but is anyone still interested in this community?

If there's still any kind of interest, I would start with posting prompts again. Addtionally, if anyone already has a claim that they want to continue, I'd be happy to see about extending any claim!

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Within the next two weeks I'm going to clean up the sign up posts by removing expired claims!

I can completely understand if time ran away from you and am willing to give an appropriate extension (taking the number of left over icons into account) or simply give you the opportunity to restart a claim from scratch.

An appropriate extension could be 30 icons left of a 100 (or 50) icon claim - I'd probably give an extension of about two months which gives you enough days to finish the claim and some time to spare! If the claim hasn't been expired yet, but there simply isn't enough time to finish the icons (or Christmas time eats them all up or whatever) I'll take those days left over into the extension to some extend. Wishes for certain amounts of time can also be requested :)

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